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There is a patron saint for that (part 3)

St Neot: Fish

Feast day: July 31

St. Neot lived in a Cornish village, now bearing his name. As legend has it, there was a well in the village that contained three fish; an angel told St Neot that if he ate no more than one fish a day, their number would never decrease. One day St Neot fell ill, and his servant cooked 2 of the fish in the well. When St Neot found out he prayed for forgiveness and ordered that the fish be returned to the well. When the fish entered the water of the well, both were miraculously returned to life.

St. Martin of Tours: Geese

Feast Day: November 11

St. Martin was born in Szombathely, Hungary in the 4th century. St. Martin was reluctant to become bishop, he feared he would not do a good job so much that he hid in a barn filled with geese. The noise made by the geese gave away St. Martin’s location to those looking for him.

St. Hippolytus: Horses

Feast Day: August 13

St. Hippolytus was born in Rome and was an important 3rd-century theologian. According to Prudentius' account St. Hippolytus was martyred by being dragged to death by wild horses in Athens. At the tomb where he was to be laid to rest Prudentius saw a picture representing Hippolytus’ execution.

St. John the Baptist: Lambs

Feast Day: June 24

St. John the Baptist was born to Zachariah and Elizabeth. He is best known for baptizing Jesus. St. John the Baptist instructed his followers to turn to Christ, calling Him the "Lamb of God."

St. Mark: Lion

Feast Day: April 25

St. Mark is one of the twelve apostles of Christ. Tradition says St. Mark was thrown to the lions and they refused to attack or eat him. The lions slept at St. Mark’s feet while he petted them.

St. Anthony the Abbot: Pigs

Feast Day: January 17

St. Anthony was born in Egypt in the 3rd century. St. Anthony gave up his lands and wealth in order to live a perfect life according to Matthew 19:21. He lived as a hermit and it is believed that during part of this time he was a swine herder.

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