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The Sweet Smell of Frito Feet

Many dogs’ feet tend to smell like corn chips or popcorn. It’s weird, and definitely not the worse smell your pup could have. But why does it happen?

The skin of most animals is home to a lot of microbes. Your dog’s feet are a great place for bacteria and yeast to live because of moisture and low air circulation between the toes and foot pads. All these microorganisms emit their own distinct odors. The corn chip smell on some feet could be due to yeast or Proteus bacteria. Both are known for their corn chip smell. If you think the smell is closer to popcorn, it could be Pseudomonas bacteria.

While having dogs with snack scented feet to be entertaining, and again it is not the worst smell they could be giving off. If the Frito Feet odor is pungent this could be a sign of an infection. Make sure to schedule and bring your pup in for an appointment with your vet.

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