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American made: the Boston Terrier

What breed is this dog?

Bruno, our staff member Lindsey's dog.

The Boston Terrier, also called Boston Bulls, is gentle, alert, very intelligent, well-mannered and enthusiastic. Without the proper amount of mental and physical exercise it can become rambunctious and a bit high strung. These dogs are reliable with children, good with elderly people, and friendly with strangers. Boston Terriers are very affectionate and enjoy being a part of families including non-canine animals.

Where does the Boston Terrier come from?

This breed is a Terrier only in name, they are bred down from pit-fighting dogs. The Boston Terrier originally weighed up to 44 pounds and pit-fighters with different weight classifications. It is not surprising that these dogs originate from Boston, Massachusetts. The Boston Terrier is one of the few breeds developed in America.

What is the history of this breed?

Around 1865, it because quite popular for the coachmen employed by the wealthy people of Boston to interbreed dogs owned by their employers. One cross, between an English White Terrier and an English Bulldog is the foundation for the Boston Terrier. This dog’s name was Hooper's Judge. His line was down with females, most likely French Bulldogs. The breed was recognized by the AKC in 1893. In the early years of showing the color and markings were not overly important, but in the 1900s the breed’s distinctive markings and color were added to the standard.

Are there any groups for Boston Terriers in Louisiana?

There is the Boston Terrier Club of Louisiana, Inc. The Club is based in the Greater Baton Rouge area, however, they welcome membership from all over the state of Louisiana as well as the neighboring states. The club is based in the Greater Baton Rouge area, but welcomes membership from across the state and outside the state. For more information you can click here for a like to their Facebook.

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