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There is a patron saint for that (part 2)

St. Gertrude of Nivelles: Cats

Feast Day: March 17

St. Gertrude grew up in Neustria as part of the royal court. Her family was quite powerful and served the king of the Franks closely. She became the patron saint of cats in the 1980s.

St. Perpetua: Cows

Feast Day: March 7

St. Perpetua was born in Italy. In 203 she became a Christian and under Septimus' persecution this meant her death. St. Perpetua was arrested and sentenced to the ring where she was attacked by a wild cow which tossed her. After the toss she sat up and saw her clothes were torn, she gathered them up, to cover herself and then tied up her hair, which was fallen loose, and perceiving Felicitas on the ground much hurt by a toss of the cow, she helped her to rise. She began helping the others that were in the ring before the next expected attack from the cow, but the masses cried out that it was enough. She and the other remaining survivors were taken to a holding cell for the end of the games. When coming back to the holding cell she asked when she would go fight the wild cow. The others told her of what had passed and showed her the bruises, marks, and torn clothing she wore. She and the other martyrs would lose their lives in the last round.

St. Roch: Dogs

Feast Day: August 16

St. Roch was born in Montpellier, France the son of a noble family. He was well known for his birthmark on his chest, which looks like a cross. By the time he was twenty both of his parents died. After his parents death St. Roch traveled to Rome where he cared for the plague victims in Italy. While in Italy he became known for miraculous cures by touch or the Sign of the Cross. Eventually he also contracted the plague and fled deep into woods to die. While in the woods St. Roch was surprised when a hunting dog brought him food, licked his wounds which started to heal, and a spring appeared giving him a constant supply of clean water. After he regained his health, he decided to travel back to Montpellier, France. When he returned home he was not recognized, accussed of being a spy, and was imprisoned. He died in prison 5 years later in 1327.

St. David of Wales: Doves

Feast Day: March 1

This St. David was born in Wales to Non, who would also become a saint. It is said that St. Patrick foretold of St. David’s birth 30 years before it happened. While preaching in the middle of a large crowd at the Synod of Brefi a white dove came and landed on his shoulder. On the spot where St. David was standing a hill arose from the ground.

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