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Frontline Gold vs. Frontline Shield vs. Frontline Plus

Frontline Brand products work actively to control fleas and ticks for dogs and cats separately. What is the difference between Frontline Shield, Frontline Plus, and Frontline Gold for Dogs and which product is best for your pet? Using the chart below, you can effectively decide which product is best for your pet.

Ingredients Explanation:

· Fipronil - collects in the oils of the skin and hair follicles; continues to be released from hair follicles onto the skin and coat, resulting in long-lasting activity against fleas, ticks and chewing lice. Active in most Frontline products.

· S-methoprene – an insect growth regulator that targets all life stages of fleas

· Pyriproxyfen – another insect growth regulator that prevents all flea stages from developing to help prevent re-infestation

· Permethrin - a pyrethroid that kills and repels insects and small mites


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