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How Can I Get My Dog To Eat!?!

How can I help my dog eat better? Good question!

It is important to make sure the dog food you have is not spoiled or out of date. Also, don’t keep changing the food constantly. This can upset your dog’s digestive system. If you do need to switch the dog food, make sure the switch is gradually done. The best method is to mix some of the old food with the new food over time until he is only eating all new food. Another way to get your dog to eat his kibble is to mix a tablespoon or two of canned food to dry kibbles. Warm water or chicken broth can also be added to the dry kibble; it will add warmth and extra aroma to the food. A third way to get your dog eating his food is by taking your dog for a good walk before mealtime. This may increase his appetite. If you Schedule a daily walk around feeding time; this can help your dog associate the walk with the upcoming mealtime.

Remember that positive reinforcement is important. Praise your dog when he eats his food; be patient with your dog. It is important to watch your dog closely for signs of illness. Always work with your veterinarian if you are concerned about his health or behavior.

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