Why Wont My Dog Eat?!?

Most dogs will eat almost anything, so it can be concerning when your dog doesn’t want to eat. In this article, we are going to look at some reasons why this might be going on.

The most important thing is not to jump to conclusions and google why your dog won’t eat. If your pup has been a good eater and then suddenly stops eating, has a diminished appetite, starts vomiting, develops diarrhea, or has had recent weight loss, it is time to take him or her to the vet. There could be several reasons that can cause these issues. Problems with teeth or the mouth can make eating difficult, no matter how hungry the dog is. Mouth for sores, growths, bad teeth, or foreign objects can cause pain for your dog during eating. Once the problem has been diagnosed it can be treated. Your dog’s appetite should return quickly after treatment.

When health issues are not the cause of your dog not eating, the next step is to think about the dog’s eating habits. Extra treats are tastier and table scraps are more desirable than normal kibble. This can cause a finicky appetite to develop over time. When it comes to table scrap feeding dogs tend to hold out until they are given something. This is reinforcing a bad behavior. Your dog needs to eat nutritionally balanced food which does not come from treats and table scraps.

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